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The Joys of a Great Business Card

The Joys of a Great Business Card

It’s a typical Friday morning. I head into work, mentally going through the remaining items on my to-do list for the week, shedding my coat as I walk into the office and — BAM! — there they are, waiting for me on my chair: my business cards, shiny and new.

I feel a surge of joy at becoming a real employee, just as surely as Pinocchio must have felt when his wish came true and he finally became a real boy.

I carry my newly minted stack of cards around to show my fellow employees. I take a photo for social media. I sit up straighter in my chair.

I have arrived.

There’s nothing quite like getting your first set of business cards at a new company.

One might argue the paper and ink business card is going the way of the dodo in this digital age. But I think the tangible connection to company in the thickness of the cardstock, the feelings evoked by the colors — these things create pride of contribution in a way no virtual business card can. (And, they really do help people remember who you are!)

The ink, printing, and paper itself say a lot about your company. And they provide a personal connection. When you’re staring at the blank “To” line of an email with a business card in hand, you’ll remember where and how you met the person. You might even picture them in your mind just from the business card.

So, what does your business card say about you and your company? Do your employees feel a thrill when they look at theirs? Do they have the same sense of pride and ownership? Do customers take your business cards and say “cool” under their breath as they flip it over in their hands? Do you have a generic one ordered from a long line of templates? Do you even have a business card?

Imagine holding a sturdy, crisp card. The aroma of fresh ink wafts up, making your head swoon ever so slightly like that first glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve. Perhaps there’s even a shiny new logo to boot — one that simply and elegantly communicates your company’s brand, positioning it for its next phase of growth and success.

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