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Why You Need a Website

Why You Need a Website

“Who needs a website? I’ve got a Facebook page.”

Such talk pains us. Not because you shouldn’t be on Facebook (or Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat—you absolutely should). But because you need a website, too.

Websites are the key to your online presence. Here’s why:

  • Greater capacity, control and flexibility. Sure, social media has a spot where you can put your contact information and a blurb about your business, but beyond that it’s just short posts that will quickly become dated. With a website, you can explain more about who you are as a company—what you do, your mission, your story, your clients—in a way that reflects your aesthetic, priorities, and values.
  • 24/7 Visibility. Even if people follow you on social, they won't see all of your posts, or even a majority of them. If someone heads to your page, they’ll only see your most recent posts. Sure, you can boost posts, but even that won’t showcase your company like a website can. 
  • The Big Picture. Social media is fragmented. Not everyone is on every platform. But, you know where they are? On the internet in general. So, you should be there, too. Plus, each platform has its own personality, as does your business. You can be authentic on your website without having to sacrifice personality for attention-grabbing tactics.
  • Better for Search. Search is the No. 1 way people research and find businesses and brands. In 2019, about 5.6 billion searches were conducted each day. Google alone processes 63,000 searches per second. People are out there looking for you...or your competitor. Without a website, they’ll wonder about clicking on your random Facebook page.
  • More Legitimacy. If we can be real for a second, companies without websites seem a little…sketchy. Not having a website is like not having a front door. Businesses without one are seen as less professional, less reliable. 
  • More Focus. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you opt to stick with social media accounts alone. You’re sharing that space with your competitors. With an ever-shrinking attention span, users’ eyeballs will only be yours for a few seconds, if that. Plus, once folks click on your page, they’ll start seeing ads for competitors and related businesses in their feeds. Why go through the effort of engaging on social, if you’re only going to lose out to others who are driving people to (you guessed it) their websites?

So, now that you’re thoroughly convinced you need a website (we’ve made a pretty compelling case, if we say so ourselves), you want to do it up right. As the hub of your online presence, your website should work in concert with web technology, security protocols, search engines, various devices, social media platforms—all of it.

You don’t want to leave that to chance. With The Super Mega Ultra and The Super Mega Ultra Fab, you can get an effective and manageable web presence to set the stage for your world domination.

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