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Why You Should Hire a Designer for Your Logo

Why You Should Hire a Designer for Your Logo

AKA Just Because You Can Make a Logo, Doesn’t Mean You Should

We live in an age of DIY. But, for every Pinterest-worthy recipe or Etsy store, there’s an army of Pinterest fails and Regretsy items. This just goes to show that simply because you can do something yourself, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, it’s often a terrible idea.

Take me, for instance. I am not what you would call skilled in the hostessing arts. A friend of mine laughs at me when I tell her my idea of entertaining is buying themed paper plates and plastic tablecloths. She tells me it’s easy to pull together a fabulous party.

She also arranges flowers, collects vintage teacups and buys chargers for every holiday — all for fun. I didn’t even know what a charger was until I met her. (A charger, in case you’re wondering, is a decorative plate used to create a festive table setting.)

I once saw the “before” elements of one of her projects. Someone had provided her with the raw materials to make Halloween centerpieces. She showed me the bags full of fake moss, cacti and plastic pumpkins. “Those are going to be some ugly centerpieces,” I thought. Her “after” was a collection of the cutest, most inventive displays.

Now, take your logo. This is your visual stamp, your chance to show the world exactly what your new venture is all about. And you might be thinking, “Who better to show the world who I am than me?”

I’m guessing your venture isn’t opening your own graphic design company. (If it is, then by all means, create your own logo!). I’m guessing you’re not a designer. So, I urge you not to go down the DIY logo path.

Yes, there are tools out there to design your own logo. They’re fun! I’ve played around with them. And, as someone who has dabbled in design, taken a couple of arts classes, and self-taught Photoshop, I think of myself as fairly savvy visually. But, when I compare what I can cobble together using these tools* with what our design team can do, my efforts are like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Just like you want a bona fide accountant to do your taxes, you want a bona fide designer to create your logo. By all means, play with the free tools — but ultimately it's in your best interest to invest in a high-quality visual brand that will justly represent your company. You want your venture to shine, right? Leave the design to someone else.

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* Note: My area of expertise is in words, not design!