Make It Zing


Your Own Marketing League

MakeItZing is the online, on-demand wing of an award-winning marketing agency. Our founders have been in business together for nearly 20 years and we're headquartered in the Midwest. Sort of like Superman. 

We have a passion for helping clients launch their ventures with topnotch logos, websites, print materials and more. We've assembled a team of creative superheroes who specialize in branding, website development and content creation. They're super at what they do.

MakeItZing is different from a lot of other design sites out there. We believe:

  • Everyone deserves great branding. Sure, there are lots of DIY tools online these days. And you probably could spend some time learning how to use them and cobbling something together in colors you like, but there's so much more to it than that. (And your time is way more valuable!) That’s why we put our professional creatives on the job. When you choose us to make your thing zing, you're getting the best of the best designers, writers and developers. (Seriously. We've won awards.)
  • No one should have to settle for a crappy logo, business card, website or press release. You deserve to be heard in the creative process and to be happy with the outcome. That’s why we have a client feedback process, plus built-in quality controls on our side to ensure your marketing materials meet our high standards. If we're not happy with a concept, you won't see the draft!
  • Projects shouldn’t take forever. You've probably been thinking about taking this next step for awhile. You've done a lot of research. And now that you're ready to dive in, you want some professionals who are just as committed to getting going. That’s why we have quick turnaround times and project updates, so we can all stay on track!
  • Too much navel-gazing is dangerous. Not everyone has a superpower to manage projects on task and on time. That’s why you'll get a dedicated project manager who makes sure our revision process goes smoothly with a clear time frame for completion.
  • You should feel comfortable investing in your venture's future. When you're faced with hundreds of decisions to get your business off the ground or rebranded, it can be super stressful. We've tried to answer any potential questions you may have, but if you think of others we haven't covered, feel free to contact us.

That’s our story. Now, how can we help you share yours?

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