Make It Zing

How It Works

You’ve got a business that needs a brand refresh, or an idea you want to launch. You need hard-working, super(-creative) heroes to save the day with great graphic design, content and web design. Never fear, MakeItZing is here!

MakeItZing is operated by a full-service marketing agency. We know our stuff and we hate to see awesome organizations and ideas languish because they don’t have the super branding they deserve. So, we developed starter packages and a simple process to give small businesses, nonprofits and start-ups like yours a leg up in this crazy world. Shazam!

Our simple, three-step process will make it easy to get going.

1. Order

All you need to do is:

  • Choose your package
  • Answer a few questions
  • Place your order
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Easy! Then our non-evil geniuses will get to work.

2. Unite

Time to join forces. Your dedicated Project Manager will send you an online form so you can provide us with additional background on your project, and will schedule your initial consultation call. Once we have what we need, our creative team will get to work! We’ll check in throughout the process to get your feedback.

(If you have changes — that’s dandy! Two rounds of revision are included with every package element.)

3. Succeed

When you have your zinged thing in hand, go forth and prosper! (After celebrating, of course.)

While you’re at it, give us a great rating, tell us how we can do better, and share any other feedback about your experience with MakeItZing.

(And if you need anything else to get your venture going, let us know!)

Done. Victory Is Sweet

Ready to take your venture to the next level?

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The search for truth continues

Do I need to do anything before we get started?

How much involvement will I have?

What if I don’t like the concepts?

How do I give feedback?

How long will it take?

Choose the package that fits your need and budget, then we’ll get going!

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