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You need a logo that’s as, well, super as you are. It’s your calling card to the world. It sets the tone for your venture and you want that tone to be amazing. (Obvi.) Order any package with MakeItZing and you’ll get fantastic graphic elements (yes, including a logo) to launch your venture into the stratosphere! All of our packages include three logo concepts.

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    Brand Design Guide

    It doesn't end there. You'll get additional graphic elements to give your brand a polished look.

    During your consultation call, we'll ask you about color preferences, style ideas and more, so we get the vibe just right. To go along with your logo, we'll provide a guide that details how to keep your brand looking sharp. This includes primary and secondary fonts and colors to use with your brand, as well as best practices for logo use. (Yes, there are right ways and wrong ways to use a logo. We'll tell you everything you need to know!)

    Use the elements detailed in your guide to carry your brand into the stratosphere with a cohesive look that conveys just the right feel.

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